Component Bed

90 Night Risk Free Trial

We understand that like most people in North America, you are probably sleeping on the wrong mattress. It is estimated that over 50% of people actually regret buying their mattress after sleeping on it for just 30 days. Lets not fool ourselves, 10...15 or even 60 minutes trying out a mattress in the store is not sufficient to determine if it will correctly support your back, your sleep and ultimately your quality of health. This is why we recommend you never purchase a mattress unless you have at least 60 days to try it risk free.

The next challenge with other mattresses is even if you have a good trial period, once you figured out it is not right for you, you have to go through the tedious, confusing mattress shopping experience all over again. This is where the Component Bed changes the game for you. During your 90 days of sleeping the lavish life, you get to try out totally different sleep surfaces that you can change up any night, in just a few minutes. This gives you ample time to find out what you like, what you love and what you cannot live without.

Let me take you through what a typical customer experiences during a 90 day trial with the Component Bed.

  • First they choose their “go to" Component; this could be Memory Foam, Pocket Coil or Water. They choose this Component based on their prior experience of what they know they like....or avoidance of what they previously despised.
  • They play with the firmness setting and switching Components for a few weeks to feel the difference. They find their comfort zone so now they are happy. Face it, the only way to choose the best bed for sleep is to try multiple combinations of sleeping surfaces and firmnesses in your home.
  • One of our sleep advisors contacts them to see how they are sleeping. “Everything is perfect” they say. But our sleep experts are trained to dig deep and uncover problems that our customers have had for years and have taken for granted. Once identified, specific customizations are suggested. Skeptical but curious, they try the suggestion.
  • With the implementations of our sleep experts suggestions, plus listening to their own bodies natural biofeedback mechanisms (feeling), our customers are able to bring their quality of sleep up to optimal levels that they never realized they could achieve.

Why is it that when our customers find their comfort zone, we can usually find a way to make them sleep even better? This is because our bodies are designed to detect changes. For example, a person who walks out of a freezer into a refrigerator may find the refrigerator feeling quite warm. All of our senses are comparative in nature. If you are physically able, try this....

  • Hold a weight (5-10 pounds) at shoulder height with your arm straight out to the side for 1 minute.
  • Then put the weight down and lift your arm.

You will notice your arm FEELS significantly lighter. Your arm did not get lighter, you are simply detecting the change in weight that occured from a grueling 5-10 pounds to a floating arms weight.

So often when we buy a new mattress (even if it is a horrible one) we can only gauge that it is better than the lumpy one we just upgraded from. We cannot be sure it is the best until we try many sleep surfaces for a significant amount of time. But I assure you this; once you try the Component Bed, you can never go back to a normal mattress again without feeling the repercussions of a downgrade. This is because you can continuously adjust the Component Bed to perfectly fit your current needs giving you the optimum sleeping experience that you cannot turn back from.

If you want that bounce in your step when you wake up in the morning, and you want to know you are sleeping on the perfect surface to give you optimal sleep; the only way to be 100% confident is to try it yourself. With nothing to loose and amazing quality of sleep to gain, it only makes sense to try the Component Bed in your home. The truth is, we know you will never send it back! Contact us to learn how you can start your risk free trial in just 24hrs.


20 Year Limited Warranty

Our 20 year limited warranty ensures your Component Bed has the best in high quality parts and workmanship. Click here for details.


Shipping & Delivery

Bringing the Component Bed home is hassle-free. The entire bed is conveniently packaged in 2 boxes so you don't have to worry about maneuvering a bulky awkward mattress. In fact, the Component Bed can fit in the trunk and back seat of a mid-sized vehicle. We currently ship across North America.