Life changes... why shouldn't you bed?

See Why You Dont Need to Choose 1 Mattress...Have it ALL!

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Over 70% of people waste their hard earned money on the wrong mattress. The old days of confusing mattress shopping is quickly coming to an end due to the latest innovations in sleep technology. Thanks to the Component Bed, you are guaranteed to get exactly what you want when you want it.  It's easy when you can completely customize your mattress on both sides any night. To make the right decision, ask your friends on Facebook what they think by sharing below. If they like at as much as you, try it out for 90 days risk Free.

Now that's How to Choose the Right Mattress for Good Sleep the First Time.

You are tired of sleeping on the wrong mattress. Find out why we made the Component Bed to solve this problem.

Step 1

Ask your friends for their honest opinion. 100 minds are better than 1


Step 2

Tell us what you think. What Component should we make next? Magnetic..Coconut Fiber...Aloe Gel, What's your idea?



Step 3

If you LIKE the idea of not having to choose let us know.